• Amber Joy

Maca Joe Latte

Updated: May 20

This is a simple little midday treat idea. Maca root powder, coffee and milk.

This drink will make you forget all about that coffee you left sitting under the Keurig while you watched your kids build blocks. It makes you feel like you went out of your way to do something nice for YOU. Instant success. Maca root stores well in a canister for easy on-the-shelf access. You only need about a little at a time. It's a nutty flavor, so to each their own. It's so good for you though, loaded with vitamin C, iron, B6, copper, good carbs, fiber and protein. It also gives you sexy energy, boosting libido and fertility (dudes too!), alleviating menopause symptoms and improving memory and mood.

Winner winner.

1 tsp Peruvian maca root powder (more or less)

cold cup of coffee 8oz or so

cup of milk